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Type I Ambulances -

Type I Ambulances - "Excalibur Series"

The Type l Ambulance is our all aluminum module mounted to a truck chassis of varying weight classifications, example C3500HD or F350/F450 and it also could be mounted to a Freightliner or International chassis. The Type-l module is not mated to the truck cab and uses a rubber bellows to pass through to the cab.

TYPE II Endeavor Series

TYPE II Endeavor Series

The Type II VALUE and FUNCTIONAL AMBULANCE is designed with user-friendly interior and durability with following standard features such as Scorpion coated Equipment storage, multiple electrical outlets and suction system, color coordinated laminate and upholstery and vertical "M" oxygen cylinder storage.

TYPE III Excalibur Series

TYPE III Excalibur Series

Type III ambulance is our all aluminum module mounted to a full size van or truck with varying weight classifications with the back of the cab and the front of the module cut away. This allows for the cab to be mounted directly to the module for walk through passage from the module to the cab.